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Pushkar Travel Guide

Pushkar is the much loved tourist destination and for the devout Hindu it is a very important pilgrim centre. Due to abundance of temples the town of Pushkar is called the town of temple. The small town of Pushkar houses over 300 temples and 52 ghats in Sarovar (Lake), which is legacy of timeless architectural heritage. The lake is considered as the most sacred lake in Hindu mythology. Hindus visit Pushkar to have holy dip specially in th month of Kartika (oct.or nov.).

The Brahma temple attracts the attention because of its unique presence. The place is full of natural beauty holding a special place in the heart of Hindus. Not only Hindus but alsothe Mohammedans, Sikhs and Jain also come here toerform puja. Pushkar radiates an ambience of peace and spirituality that cast a lure to visit again and again. Spiritual and relaxed nature of Pushkar attracts tourists from several countries.

Tourist Attractions - Pushkar

Pushkar as GURU – Pushkar is the most sacred place of the Hindus in India. “It is King of sacred place”, just as Benares is their “GURU or preceptor”. Col. Tod says: “Pushkar is the most sacred lake in India: that of Mansrovar in Tibet may alone compete with it in this respect“ No pilgrimage to Badri Narain (Himalayas), Jagan Nath (Orissa), Rameshwara (near ceylon), Dwarka (Kathiawar), the four principal Hindu places of pilgrimage, is complete till the pilgrim bathes in the scared waters of Pushkar. The ashes of well-to-do Hindus residents of Rajputana are either entrusted to the sacred water of gangas on consigned to this holy lake.

Brahma Temple Pushkar: One of the major thriving temple of Brahma, in Pushkar can be identified by it red spire and by the image of Hans (the swan considered sacred to Lord Brahma). This temple built with the marble is decorated with silver coin. Beside there is silver turtle on the floor of temple More

Savitri Temple Pushkar Pushkar is surrounded on three sides by hills. One of the hill is known as Ratnagiri., the highest on the southwest which houses the Goddess Savitri, the estranged wife of Brahma. The savitri hill is around 750 feet elevated by near by surrounding. Pilgrimage to savitri hill is 1.5Kms. It is strenuous and hard. It is believed that harder one tries, the more tapas (heat generated by penance) is gained.

Pushkar Lake - The Lake is hugged by 52 ghats, teeming with devotes and tourist. Most of the ghats are 300 years old and have innumerable small temple. Various ghats were built by former ruler which include Jaipur ghat, Bhartpur ghat, Gwalior ghat, Jodhpur ghat, Kota ghat, Sikar ghat along with Gau ghat, Varah ghat where pilgrims take holy dip for salvation

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