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Elephant is here for you

 Discover the splendours of this beautiful town of Pushkar and immerse yourself in its holy spirit. 

Elephant Pushkar aims at turning your city tour dreams into reality with the inclusions of all must-see landmarks and sights. We are your constant travel partners throughout the journey and shall serve you to the best of our abilities. Our unbeatable expertise, value for our fellow travelers, and quality services promise you a perfect holiday.

At Elephant Pushkar, we believe that "We are the Best Buddy for our Guests." So embrace the spirit of the town with us and capture the essence of its fantastic location. We promise to be your sole companion and be with you at every step of this amazing adventure you are about to witness. We hope you have the most memorable experience with us!

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Pushkar is not Just a town..

Those of you who know me, know how deeply I am in love with Pushkar. Who wouldn't be? Pushkar is not just another place, rather it's a whole vibe! Just sitting by the lake and soaking in the serenity is relaxing. Life is easy and unhurried in Pushkar. Everyone is chilled out as if life is in a slow motion. 
Pushkar is so very Rajasthani yet it is multicultural. 
The lake, the ghats, the desert, the mountains, the hobo vibe, the soothing sound of chanting, drumming, and ringing bells filling the air, the food: both for your tummy and your soul, the vibrant market... Uff! You can even take a camel out to explore the nearby Thar Desert in desert safari! 
Because of the spiritual importance of Pushkar it’s calming, colorful, tranquil, and timeless. See a temple, explore the lake, and you’ve already completed the tourist checklist; you can chill out and just enjoy- the Brahma Temple, Rangji temples, savitri temple, Gayatri Mandir, Gurudwara Sahib, Mann mahal etc etc. If you’re all about that spiritual life, there’s undoubtedly a treatment in Pushkar for both you and your chakras.

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