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Sudhabay Kund: A Spiritual Destination for Pind Dan and Liberation from Ghostly Troubles

There is a miraculous well in Rajasthan where taking a bath grants freedom from ghosts, spirits, and invisible souls. As soon as one enters the well, the bad spirit starts to scream and reveals its name. Priests recite mantras, and then the tormented spirit is released from the body of the sufferer.

Discover the Miraculous Sudhabay Kund in Rajasthan for Freedom from Ghosts

Located about 4 kilometers from Pushkar on the Jaipur highway, Sudhabay Kund is said to have been traditionally recognized as a place where people suffering from the ghostly affliction and possession of invisible souls are easily liberated by taking a bath. Additionally, performing Pind Dan for ancestors here is considered as pious as performing it in the Buddhist pilgrimage site of Bodh Gaya in Bihar. Therefore, there is always a long queue of people waiting to take a dip in the Sudhabay Kund.

In this scientific age, whether one believes in ghosts or not, there is a place near the Old Pushkar Tirth, about 4 kilometers away, called Sudhabay Kund, where one can easily get rid of long-standing haunted and distressed by taking a bath. According to the Hindu calendar, when the fourth day of the waxing moon and Tuesday coincide, a fair is held at Sudhabay Kund. Taking a bath in this kund gives relief from ghostly troubles.

The invisible spirits give a promise of leaving the body. If we look at the facts of direct incidents, we can easily see that while taking a bath in the kund, invisible spirits themselves speak their language among men and women. They tell their name and give the scent of leaving their body. Within a short time after bathing, the creature laughs and takes a bath, and comes out of the kund. During the time of liberation from ghostly troubles, whoever enters the person in this ghat and takes a bath, he screams loudly with his name, and the priests recite mantras, and then the soul comes out of the suffering person's body.

Today, due to the coincidence of the fourth day of the waxing moon and Tuesday, a fair is being held at Sudhabay Kund since morning. People are engrossed in wishing for their happiness and peace.

The importance of performing ancestral rituals and offerings (Pindadan and Tarpan) is described as being of great significance in Pushkar's Sudhabay Kund. Pandit Mukesh Parashar says that performing Pindadan and Tarpan here for the peace of one's ancestors is equivalent to taking a dip in Bihar's Bodhgaya Tirth. According to Mr. Parashar (Pundit), the mother goddess herself is present during the auspicious occasion of the fourth day of the waxing phase of the moon, on Tuesday. This is the reason why people from far and wide come here to perform Pindadan, Tarpan, and offer peace to their ancestors, and they do not have to go to Bodhgaya.

The Science of Sudhabay Kund: Fact or Fiction?

In the scientific age, it might be considered a miraculous event to achieve liberation from invisible souls after taking a bath in water. While some may not believe it, the sight of Sudhabay Kund can convince them that the miraculous power of obtaining liberation from suffering by accepting the power of blind faith cannot be dismissed.


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