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Discover Pushkar's Ghats

Pushkar is renowned for being the creator of the universe, Brahma's abode in Rajasthan. As per the Hindu beliefs, it is considered the fifth holy pilgrimage site in the world. Like Haridwar, Pushkar is also a significant pilgrimage center for Hindus. Its distinction as the most prominent holy pilgrimage site has earned it the title of the "King of Pilgrimage Sites," Pushkar Sarovar, a sacred lake, also exists at this holy pilgrimage site, encompassed by a total of 52 Ghats constructed by different Rajput families, pandits, and communities, among which the largest one is known as Gau Ghat.

pushkar lake ghats

According to ancient scriptures, it is believed that if one has visited the four abodes of Badrinath, Jagannath, Rameshwaram, and Dwarka, but not Pushkar, then their pilgrimage is deemed incomplete. Thus, the significance of Pushkar is further amplified. Pushkar is also well-known for its famous annual fair. Among India's distinguished places, Pushkar is where Lord Brahma's temple is situated.

There are a total of 52 ghats around Pushkar Lake, each with its own religious and mythological significance. These ghats were constructed by various royal families, and among them are the

  • Gau Ghat,

  • Brahma Ghat,

  • Varaha Ghat,

  • Badri Ghat,

  • Saptarshi Ghat, and

  • Tarni Ghat.

Ghat are also among the ghats built by different royal families in Pushkar -

  • The Gwalior Ghat,

  • Jodhpur Ghat,

  • Kota Ghat,

  • Bharatpur Ghat,

  • and Jaipur Ghat

pushkar lake ghats

Some of the other ghats around Pushkar Lake are the

Janana Ghat, Cheera Ghat, Balarav Ghat, Hathi Singh Ji ka Ghat, Shekhawati Ghat, Ram Ghat, Ray Mukund Ghat, Gangaur Ghat, Raghunath Ghat, Bhadavar Raja Ghat, Vishram Ghat, Narasimha Ghat, Modi Ghat, Bansilal Ghat, Ek Sau Aath Mahadev Ghat, Chandra Ghat, Indra Ghat, Shiv Ghat, Kot Tirth Ghat, Bangla Ghat, Kishangarh Ghat, Raj Ghat, Saraswati Ghat, Teejaji ka Ghat, Saptarshi Ghat, Jodhpur Ghat, Bundi Ghat, Gurjar Ghat, Sikar Ghat, Vallabh Ghat, Swaroop Ghat, Chaudi Paithee ka Ghat, Indreshwar Mahadev Ghat, Savitri Ghat, Hedgewar Ghat, Brahma Ghat, Akhada Ghat, Khinvad Mata Ghat, Chhink Mata Ghat, Bharatpur Ghat, and Gandhi Ghat.

Pushkar is the only pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Brahma, and according to the curse given to him, his worshipers can only be successful if they worship him at his designated place. Therefore, anyone who wants to worship Lord Brahma will have to come to Pushkar. Until a devotee does not worship at the temple and the lake in Pushkar, their worship is considered unsuccessful. It is believed that near this lake, Lord Brahma performed a yajna, which is why this lake is also called the "Moksha-giving" lake.

pushkar ghats


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