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Pushkar Holi 2023

Behold, an unprecedented four-day international Holi festival shall be magnificently celebrated in the holy city of Pushkar, with the divine purpose of fostering tourism. This extraordinary event, blessed by the esteemed Department of Tourism and the exalted Government of Rajasthan, will commence from the fourth day of March until the seventh day of March. Various beguiling activities shall be organized for the resplendent domestic and foreign tourists on diverse days, encompassing the felicitous playing of Holi with the famous rose and color of Pushkar, the incandescent illumination of over one lakh lamps on the banks of the Sarovar, and the grandiose Aarti. This ineffable festival shall diligently attend to the apprehensions of the augmenting tourist influx in the region.

As per the illustrious Chairman of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation, Dharmendra Rathore, the clamor of tourists is on the rise in the state. In this regard, this festival shall be a rare gem, as it shall dutifully cater to every facet. On the fourth day of March, a grandiose Aarti and Bhajan Sandhya shall be conducted, followed by a camel and horse show, Nagada Vadan, and a devotional Bhajan Sandhya by Bollywood artists on the fifth day of March. On the sixth day of March, there shall be a Chang, Kachhi Ghodi dance, and a grand illumination of lamps, in conjunction with Holika Dahan. On the seventh day of March, a Holi celebration with rose and color shall be organized, where the illustrious domestic and foreign tourists and the esteemed local citizens can bask in the mirthful revelry. Additionally, a celebrity night shall also be arranged, wherein the renowned Bollywood singers Anuradha Paudwal and Hariharan shall astound the audience with their mellifluous voices. Rajasthan's cultural festival shall also be celebrated in the state.


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