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Holy Town Pushkar

The land of landscapes, epitome of divinity, spirituality and confluence of nature’s diversity are all contained in holy Pushkar. All these traits have given it an important place on World tourist map. This is small pretty town, situated 140kms. from Jaipur and about 13kms. from Ajmer, with a population of about 16,000, is one of the most visited pilgrimage place in India. The nag Pahar (Serpent Mountain) is natural boundary between Ajmer and Pushkar. Surrounding by hills on three sides, Pushkar abounds in temples.

The lake here has mythological importance. Pushkar is frequented by tourist from across the globe, who appreciate the true essence and sanctity of the place as it beset with mythological nuances. The town of Pushkar is picturesquely situated on the lake, with the hills on three side, the sands, drifted from the plains of Marawar, have formed a complete bar to the waters of the lake, which has no outlet, though the filtration through the sand hills id considerable. “The town and Lake of Pushkar from a romantic scene. The form of lake is irregular elliptical. The lake is fed from the Nag Pahar. Bathing ghats have been constructed round the lake.

SANCTITY: Pushkar is the most sacred place of the Hindus in India. “It is King of sacred place”, just as Benares is their “GURU or preceptor”. Col. Tod says: “Pushkar is the most sacred lake in India: that of Mansrovar in Tibet may alone compete with it in this respect“ No pilgrimage to Badri Narain (Himalayas), Jagan Nath (Orissa), Rameshwara (near ceylon), Dwarka (Kathiawar), the four principal Hindu places of pilgrimage, is complete till the pilgrim bathes in the scared waters of Pushkar. The ashes of well-to-do Hindus residents of Rajputana are either entrusted to the sacred water of gangas on consigned to this holy lake.


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