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Celebrate this year’s holi in Pushkar

Holi is the festival that is celebrated in various styles and traditions in different regions of India and holi in Pushkar, a small holy town in Rajasthan, is a celebration with no match, every year thousands of tourist pour into this sacred town to experience this majestic festival which falls on the full moon day of the Phalgun month.

Commemorating fertility and good harvest, the festival of holi is truly celebrated with utmost enthusiasm, with people laughing, jumping, hugging, spraying and splashing each other with dry and wet powder.

The grand celebration of holi is accompanied with a massive dance party in the central square of the town, with techno music pumping at full volume and people dancing madly to the beats, this is undoubtedly an experience in itself.

To further enhance the spirit of holi, there is a tradition to consume ‘bhang’ a preparation of cannabis which makes people loosen up by dropping all the mental barriers and having fun in the most unimaginable ways that their sober selves would never have thought of.

There is nothing but good vibes and lots of dancing and craziness around Pushkar during this festival. Falling on March 29 this year, join in the celebration and by the end of it, you will see yourself transformed into a finished work of art with beautiful pink, green and blue colors.

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