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5 Things You Must Shop from Pushkar

Pushkar is a great place to not only relax and rejuvenate your soul, but also to do some shopping. This town's markets offer a wide range of unique and budget-friendly products. Start with the Pushkar main market, which is a popular spot for tourists exploring the city. Here you'll find high-quality garments, handicrafts, utensils, and home decor items. We've provided detailed information on what to buy in Pushkar, so you can make the most of your shopping trip.

Garments / Clothing buy from Pushkar

The Pushkar market is a great place to find unique, hippie-inspired clothing and accessories. You can find items like wraparounds, T-shirts, hemp & jute bags, harem pants and bandanas in the market. In addition, you can easily find colorful bandhani dupattas, kurtis, salwar suits, sarees and skirts here. The best thing about the Pushkar market is that you can get things customized as per your taste. Select and buy the fabric, explain what you want to the tailor who sits in most of the shops and your garments will be ready in few hours. These products are shipped all over the world, to places like Singapore, Canada, the USA, and Europe.

Rose Products buy from Pushkar

When you visit Pushkar, you'll quickly notice the rose products. They're popular because of their benefits and freshness. Like rose water is often hailed as a wonder ingredient for its ability to both clean and moisturize the skin. First, rose water is known for its gentle moisturizing properties. Second, rose water can help to purify and tone the skin for a radiant complexion. Third, rose water is relatively easy to find in local markets of the Pushkar. Rose oil is another product that is used in a variety of ways, from perfumes to flavoring drinks. Another item that is great for various ailments is gulkand, which is made from mixing rose petals and sugar.

Leather Products buy from Pushkar

The leather goods market in Pushkar is known for its competitive prices and high quality. Some of the best leather products in Pushkar come from Kashmiri families who have been in the business for generations. In Pushkar, you can find a wide range of leather goods, from bags and shoes to belts and purses, in a variety of designs. Whether you're looking for genuine leather products at reasonable prices or something more luxurious, you're sure to find what you're looking for in Pushkar.

Silver & Boho Jewelry buy from Pushkar

India is home to some of the world's best silver jewelry makers, which can be found in the streets of Pushkar. They are known for their quality, brilliant designs and craftsmanship. Many people come to Pushkar to buy jewelry at wholesale prices for their business. You can find everything from antique to modern designs, and if you can't find a piece of your choice, you can get it made on order. Boho jewelry is also popular among tourists, and you can find many custom-made pieces with initials or other personalization. Other great options for souvenirs include waistbands, hair pins, and beads.

Handicrafts items buy from Pushkar

There are many famous handicraft items to buy in Pushkar, including those made from wood, stone, enamel, ivory and other materials. You can also find pottery items, paintings and other handicrafts. There are also handicraft-based fashion items like bags, accessories and others. Handmade paper, fragrance oil and incense sticks are the most common handicraft items to buy in Pushkar. There's a lot of handmade products are available if you know where to look in Pushkar. If you're near the Brahma Temple, you'll find plenty of options at the local shops. But, if you're looking for more than just the basic options, there are several handicraft stores that sell unique and interesting varieties.


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